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International performance art platform Performistanbul, while continuing its work collaborating with various art and culture institutions in different spaces with its spaceless identity, starts a new chapter and breathes fresh air into the field. It is preparing to bring into being Turkey's first Live Art Research Space, housing myriad resources on live art that will lead to a significant impact on the education and development of performance art.

Arising out of Performistanbul Live Art Research Space Performistanbul Publications was launched to remedy a crucial deficiency in performance art in Turkey, that of the dearth of native language textual resources. A digital platform dedicated to live art, Performistanbul Publications aims for in-depth treatment of all aspects of live art by examining concepts, themes, criticisms on live art as well as live art trends and artists from Turkey as well as throughout the world.

In Performistanbul Publications, an open-to-all digital platform compiling texts on live art, the process that has started with translating foreign language essays into Turkish--after reaching the anticipated support--will expand in the future with the publication of original art and/or theoretical books and artist books, in addition to the translation and publication of foreign books.

To publish your original texts on live art, please send them to with the subject line "APPLICATIONS".

Subject Editor: Selin Kocagöncü




Thank you!



Performistanbul is an international performance art platform founded in 2016 with an initial aim to unite performance artists under one roof. 


Based in Istanbul, the platform continues to embrace its “spaceless” identity by carrying out a flexible work model which consists of collaborating and developing projects with various art institutions, digital platforms and artists in the world. Performistanbul has completed over 160 performances in various locations, collaborating mostly with museums, galleries, public spaces and international organizations including Pera Museum, Pi Artworks, Elgiz Museum, IMC 5533,Istanbul Biennial (2017, 2019), Caroline Garden’s Chapel (London), International Venice Performance Art Week (2017, 2019) and Live Art Development Agency (LADA). 


Performistanbul established Turkey's first Live Art Research Space (PCSAA), in the purpose of making a significant impact on the education and development of performance art by housing essential resources on live art. Together with PCSAA, Performistanbul Publications was founded to translate foreign sources into Turkish in order to publish them on digital platforms in Turkey and to provide further resources in the field.



Turkey's first Live Art Research Space PCSAA, that will host numerous resources in the field of Live Art and have a crucial role in the education and development of performance art, is located in Performistanbul's building situated in Galata neighbourhood of Istanbul. Focused on performance art in Turkey and other geographies, providing a free open access to all, PCSAA is a live art library and archive dedicated to researchers from all fields. Apart from resources such as periodicals, books and thesis focused on Live Art, the collection also includes an archive in constant development that consists of visuals, audio-visual recordings and performance remainings of various artists.


The research space models itself after world's leading research space in the field of Live, (LADA)Art Development Agency) in London and receives consultancy service from Lois Keidan, the director of LADA.

NEEDED: YOU Experimental Digital Archive is now online!

NEEDED: YOU 672 hour live process that took place between the dates February 16th – March 16th 2018 keep living in different forms.

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